About Us

The Kentucky Income Reinvestment Program “KIRP” is a partnership between the Kentucky Department for Public Health and the University of Kentucky. This program is designed to expand HIV testing and provide accessible and confidential services throughout our communities.

The Vision of KIRP is to enhance the health, safety, and well being of all people in the Commonwealth of Kentucky by addressing high risk behaviors, providing comprehensive education, and expanding state of the art medical care for persons with HIV.

The Mission of KIRP is to eliminate new HIV infections in Kentucky by:
Providing comprehensive education and screening services to those at highest risk for HIV infection.
Linking identified HIV-Positive persons into high-quality state of the art medical care and improving access to supportive services to ensure HIV positive persons enjoy health and well-being.
Educating current health care providers and students in training to address the substance abuse disorders and the mental health issues that hinder the provision of effective HIV and Hepatitis C medical care

Dr. Alice Thorton
Program Director

Dr. Ardis Hoven
Medical Director

Jana Collins, MS
KIRP Project Director

Jaime Soria, MD
Director of Outcomes & Evaluation

Linwood Strenecky, MPH
Harm Reduction Administrator

Nakia Mosby
Program Associate

Teri Walters
Financial Associate

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