The Target4 Project

The Target4 Project integrates Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program Early Intervention, Health Education/Risk Reduction and Outreach services in collaboration with Harm Reduction Programs (HRP), Syringe Services Programs (SSPs), and targeted outreach throughout the Commonwealth of Kentucky. 

The Target4 Project is comprised of 11 regional teams that consist of a Regional Team Lead, Health Education Coordinators, Health Education Coordinator Associates, and Peer Prevention Specialists. These teams provide HIV and Hepatitis C (HCV) screening, testing, comprehensive education, and navigation services to ensure linkage to care through local harm reduction and syringe services programs and through targeted outreach for persons at highest risk for contracting and transmitting HIV and HCV.  The Target4 Project team distributes prevention supplies and education materials to reduce the risk of transmission of HIV and its associated comorbid infectious diseases.

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You will find our calendar of HIV Outreach & Testing events here.

Target4 Regions 1

The Target4 Project Administrative Team

Jim Thacker, MPH
Associate Director
Central Territory

Amanda Wilburn, MPH
Associate Director
Eastern Territory

Chelsey Reid, MPH
Associate Director
Western Territory

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